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Care to learn some local history and contribute to others’ learning at the same time… all from home and at your convenience?  What’s not to like about that?

Information entry:

The Society needs volunteers to help get history online.  No web knowledge?  No problem!  All you need is some sort of computer or iPad, internet access, and some basic typing skills.  We’ll supply articles about Council Bluffs history; you just retype them into a template, learning things you never imagined about local history all along the way!

Time commitment: minimum an hour per article.  Do one a day or one a month, depends on how much time you care to volunteer.



Whether it’s the prehistoric residents of the Pottawattamie County or the history of the Razzle Dazzle Go-Go club on Broadway, odds are there are aspects of local history that interest you and you’d like to learn more about.  Here’s a motivator to stop thinking about it and start learning!

The Historical Society needs volunteers to research local history.  The information may find its way into an article in our Member Journal, as a post on our Council Bluffs Revealed Facebook page, or perhaps use in one of our podcasts or videos.  

Remember, history isn’t boring.  Be it railroads or roller rinks, it has all contributed to making our town what it is today.  If you are interested in the topic, we guarantee others are as well.  Pick the topic you are passionate about and dive in.  We can give you some tips on the best places to find information.  If you like writing, feel free to put your findings into an article.  If that’s not your thing just send us what facts you discover and we can have a professional writer weave it into a story.  Warning:  This can be addictive.  Some of our members started out this way with one topic and now are most knowledgeable people about local history alive!


Voice over:

How’d you like to make a statement about local history?  If so we could use your voice!  The society is seeking volunteer voice talent to provide narrations for podcasts and videos.  If people are always complementing you on your great voice, you’re a singer in the church choir, a public speaker, classroom teacher, disc jockey or anyone else that isn’t bashful about using their voice this may be right up your alley.  The Council Bluffs library has a studio that can be used for recording.  If this sounds fun, grab a page of anything you care to read and send us a voice demo.  For the demo don’t worry about acoustics; recording on your phone will be fine.  Email information@TheHistoricalSociety.org with the recording file attached.


Video editing:

Ready to unleash your inner Stephen Spielberg?  The Society is looking for volunteers to assist in creation of videos for our YouTube channel and Facebook pages.  We provide the script, completed narration and visuals; now we need creative talent to put it all together.  If video editing is an interest of yours, here’s a great way to polish your skills, gain experience, and learn local history at the same time.  You will need a computer and some sort of video editing software.  Contact us for more information.