Park Avenue and Glen Avenue Walking Tour.

Historic Sites Driving Tour.

Local sites on the National Register of Historic Places:

1-100 Block of West Broadway Historic District

Added 5/9/2002.

2-Bennett Building at 405 West Broadway

Added 8/8/2001.

3-August Beresheim House at 621 3rd Street.

Added 8/13/1976.

4-Jean and Inez Bregant House at 517 South 4th Street.

Added 10/16/2013

5-Thomas E. Cavin House at 150 Park Avenue.

Added 9/27/1984.

6-Chevra B'nai Yisroel Synagogue at 618 Mynster Street

Added 3/7/2007.

7-Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific passenger depot at 1512 South Main Street.

Added 7/21/1995.

8-Council Bluffs Free Public Library at 200 Pearl Street.

Added 1/27/1999.

9- Shepherd and Emma Farnsworth House at 301 South 8th Street.

Added 6/29/2018.

10-Haymarket Commercial Historic District

Added 4/11/1985.

11-Hotel Chieftain at 38 Pearl Street.

Added 6/6/2014.

12-Martin Hughes House at 903 3rd Street.

Added 9/27/1984.

13-Hughes-Irons Motor Company at 149-161 West Broadway.

Added 6/23/2011.

14-Thomas-Jefferis House at 523 6th Avenue.

Added 12/25/1979.

15-Lincoln-Fairview Historic District.

Added 4/10/2007.

16-McCormick Harvesting Machine Company at 1001 South 6th Street.

Added 9/10/2012.

17-Park/Glen Avenues Historic District.

Added 4/7/2010.

18-Pioneer Implement Company at 1000 South Main Street.

Added 4/30/2008.

19-Pottawattamie County Jail at 226 Pearl Street.

Added 3/16/1972.

20-Reverend Little's Young Ladies Seminary at 541 6th Avenue.

Added 2/4/1982.

21-St. Peters Church and Rectory at 1 Bluff Street.

Added 7/24/1992.

22-Sandwich-Marseilles Manufacturing Building at 1216-1230 South Main Street.

Added 5/27/2014.

23- John J. and Agnes Shea House at 309 South 8th Street

Added 11/22/1995.

24- State Savings Bank at 509 West Broadway.

Added 6/4/1984.

25- Lysander Tulleys House at 151 Park Avenue.

Added 10/18/1979.

26- O.P. Wickham House at 616 South 7th Street.

Added 6/18/1979.

27- Wickham-Devol House at 332 Willow Avenue.

Added 5/4/1995.

28- Willow-Bluff-Third Street Historic District.

Added 9/15/2005.

29- YMCA Building at 628 1st Avenue.

Added 6/27/1979.

30- Shephard and Emma Farnsworth House at

301 S. Eighth Street. Added in 2018.

National Historic Landmark- The Grenville M. Dodge House at 605 South 3rd Street

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