Historical Society of Pottawattamie County

In The Line of Duty.

Deputy Mark Burbridge-

     Fatally wounded May 1, 2017 while escorting a prisoner back to jail from the Pottawattamie County court house.   (Click for more information)

Trooper Stanley Gerling, Trooper Lance Dietsch-

     Died June 30, 1989 when their airplane crashed while attempting to locate an elderly man what wandered away from a nursing home.

Deputy Duane Otto-

     Died October 8, 1981 while trying to enter a house in Minden where a man with a gun had barricaded himself in.   (Click for more information)

Patrol Officer Ronald G. Roberts-  

     Struck by a speeding vehicle while directing traffice May 1, 1972.  Drifted in and out of a coma and died from his injuries October 24, 1974 at the age of 29.   (Click for more information)

Lt. C.E. Pat Moore-

     Shot when entering a house on Fifth Avenue where a bank robbery suspect was holding a hostage.  He died June 30, 1971.   (Click for more information)

Officer John L. Stephens-

     Officer Stephens had been working plain-clothes security at "Club 64" in 1967 when he and the club manager were shot and killed by robbers after closing time.

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Chief Waldo Merrill-

     Stricken with a fatal heart attack at the scene of a house fire at 704 Hazel Street, January 17 1964.

Assistant Fire Chief Darrell McTwigan-

     Died April 16, 1961 of a heart attack at the scene of a house fire at 1420 Avenue H.

Fire truck driver William Cavett-

     Died November 20, 1950 when stricken by a heart attck at the scene of a fire at Katelman Hardware, 111 South Main Street.

Trooper Harold Kinkefus-

     Died when his patrol car collided with a jack knifed truck four miles east of Red Oak on Highway 34, May 18, 1949.

Fire truck driver John Peterson-

     Died July 20, 1943 from burns incurred while rescuing an unconscious man from a gasoline tank car in the Union Pacific yards, July 11, 1945.

Sgt. Wilber Webb Miller-

     Wounded during a gun fight with two armed robbers April 10, 1935.  Died from his injuries the following day.   (Click for more information)

Special Deputy Claude Dail-

     Fatally wounded when a firearm accidentally discharged inside the county jail during the Farmers' Holiday Strike, August 25, 1932.  He had served just three days. (Click for more information)

Deputy Clarence Woolman-

     Shot while transporting a prisoner to an asylum in Knoxville, Iowa, March 25, 1911.  

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Detective George Wilson-

     Shot by a gunman July 28, 1907.  Died from his wounds the next morning at the age of 50.  No suspect was ever apprehended.   (Click for more information)

Patrol Driver Charles Platner-

     Shot when stopped a burglary suspect September 2, 1905; died from his wounds the following afternoon.    (Click for more information)

"Their sacrifices are not in vain, and they¬†will be eternally remembered."  -- Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds