Full length recordings of live programs of the Kanesville Speakers Series.

Fifty Years that Made the Metro

Lines on maps divide things so neatly, but history isn’t very good about staying within boundaries.  A lot of what influenced our development happened before those lines even existed.  Historian Troy Stolp examines “Fifty Years that Shaped the Metro,” looking before there even was an Iowa or Nebraska.  The program covers Etienne Bourgmont, Villasur Massacre, Lewis and Clark, Manuel Lisa, Pierre Cabanne, Joshua Pilcher, Francis Guittar, Logan and Lucien Fontenelle and Peter Sarpy.  This is a recording of a live program presented before the Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society August 18, 2023.

Get Out of Town on the Lincoln Highway

There’s more to southwest Iowa history than just Council Bluffs. This program starts around the city limits at about Christy Creme and works its way up the Lincoln Highway, talking about the history up to county line. Included are the Mud Hollow neighborhood, the Mile-A-Way, Iowana (Lake) School, Blue Whale Road, Pink Poodle, Hitchcock Nature Center, and more. The video is a recording of a program that was presented live at the Council Bluffs library February 25, 2023. Presenters are Troy Stolp, Jon Barnes, and Richard Warner.

History of Council Bluffs Through Archaeology

Recorded in front of a live audience at PACE January 5, 2022

Manuel Lisa- First Fur Trapper in Council Bluff

Manuel Lisa organized the first fur trade trip up the Missouri River and opend American expansion by confirming native ties and set the frontier on its westward movement. He was the one that first brought “America” and “civilization” to Council Bluff.  This is a recording of a program presented live at Fox Run in Council Bluffs February 26, 2023.  The program is presented by Troy Stolp.

History of Lake Manawa

Recording of a program presented live on the shores of Lake Manawa Sunday, May 7, 2023 by Troy Stolp and Jon Barnes.

South to the County Line

Recording of a program presented live May 6, 2024 at the Council Bluffs Pubic Library by Troy Stolp, Jon Barnes, Dr. Richard Warner, and John Edwards. This is part three in a series that looks at areas of the county that are outside the Council Bluffs city limits.

Etienne Veniard Sieur de Bourgmont

Not all that many people have even heard of Etienne Veniard Sieur de Bourgmont, but it’s hard to imagine his life hasn’t been the subject of a Hollywood movie. What’s not to like about the story of a guy who fled to the United States after being caught poaching on the grounds of a monastery, became head of a fort which he then abandoned… taking a general’s wife with him… and not only successfully avoided the capital sentence levied for his actions, he was invited to return to France as a nobleman. Bourgmont was also quite likely the first European to come through our area. Historian Troy Stolp explains it all in this program.