Historical Society of

Pottawattamie County

County Seat Council Bluffs, Iowa

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(712) 323-2509

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Membership categories:

Single   $20

Junior (under 21)   $10

Family   $35

Sustaining   $75

Corporate   $250

(All the categories above are for one year and expire one year from the date of joining.)

Lifetime   $1000

To JOIN or RENEW download a membership enrollment form and mail it with your check or credit card information to HSPC, Post Office Box 2, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 51502.

Or sign up and pay online!

- What CB business was known for its 15-foot chicken?

- What local person has a star on Hollywood Boulevard?

- Werner Trucking is an industry leader... and it all started in Council Bluffs

- It was hard to miss a roller coaster that passed right over two city streets.

- Remember Playland Park, the jewel of West Broadway?

Find the answer in our sample Member Journal... download a copy now for the full stories!

Local History.

The tales of real people and real life right here where we live--

some good, some bad, and some very strange.

Join the Historical Society and relive the legends.

Benefits include...

* Periodic Member Journal with tales and photographs of our rich history.

* Free unlimited admission to:

     - Historic "Squirrel Cage" Jail Museum; a one-of-a-kind structure that served as the county jail from 1885 through 1969

     - Outdoor railcar display with engines, cabooses, club car, Railway Mail Service car

     - RailsWest Museum at the restored 1899 Rock Island passenger depot

* Free admission to Kanesville Speakers Series

* Discounts at the Society's gift shops

* Special invitation, free, or reduced admission to special events

* Annual banquet invitation

* Plus, your membership dues help fund our educational

outreach as well as continued preservation and restoration

of our buildings and collections, ensuring that our proud

heritage is not lost!

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