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You only THINK you know Council Bluffs!


Kelli Miller


Spiritual Life Coach

     The 1960s was an outta sight, groovy, boss era of beautiful people... and the time when decisions were made that would change Council Bluffs more that it had ever been changed before.

     The interstate highway system arrived, putting a ring around the city redefining its outskirts at the same time a bold plan was advanced to decimate downtown and rebuild it anew.  Indications were the "sleeping giant" of the 1950s was poised to awaken.

     Tuesday evening, March 22, the Historical Society teams with the Council Bluffs Public Library and The Historic General Dodge House to present 1960s Council Bluffs Remembered.  The program will be held at the library, 400 Willow Avenue, at 6:30 pm.  Admission is free and the public is invited.

     Presenters Marlys Lien, Danette Hein-Snider, Kori Nelson, Ryan Roenfeld, and Richard Warner will trace the history of the city through the decade including the culture, entertainment, food (odds are you had your first pizza in the 1960s) and the thinking that led to the ambitious urban renewal project of the following decade.

Did you know a Council Bluffs dentist made molds from a half eaten candy bar left at a crime scene to help catch a crook? Two CB streets and Creighton University's college of dentistry are named for local dentists as well. Those are just a few of many interesting facts in a display at the CB library for dental health month. The display incorporates items from the Society's archives. Thanks to Sue Norman (Dental Assisting Program Chair at Iowa Western Community College), Karen DeForest (office manager at Warner Family Dentistry), and Marlys Lien (Adult Programming Librarian at the CB library) for this great exhibit!  Check it out on the main floor of the library throughout the month of February.