Paranormal Investigations, the Scientific Way-

     Do you believe in ghosts?  Have these things been examined scientifically or are ghost sightings just products of overactive imaginations?  There are some paranormal investigators that are researching that very fact... and some of the things they are finding at the Society's "Squirrel Cage" Jail Museum are a little hard to dismiss.  Sunday October 9 at 2 pm Angie Oehler of the investigative team Nevermore Paranormal will explain the process of applying the scientific method to paranormal phenomena and share the group's findings in what promises to be a very interesting program at The Center, 714 South Main Street in Council Bluffs.  There is no admission charge and the public is invited.

The Bregant House and Woodward Candy Factory-

     Jean and Inez Bregant, who were respectively 45 and 42 inches tall, worked as sales and promotional representatives for the nationally-popular Woodward Candy factory.  They had a house built for them at 517 4th Street that was "just their size," with furnishings and construction at heights and dimensions comfortable for them. The house still stands, and is being restored by Preserve Council Bluffs.  At one of our programs this fall Patricia Murphy, president of Preserve Council Bluffs, will tell the fascinating tale of the Bregants, their custom home, and the Woodward Candy Factory.  Date and time to be announced.

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The first beach at Lake Manawa was formed 135 years ago this summer.  Learn more about the "Coney Island of the Midwest" with the stories and pictures in History Online.

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