Members of Nevermore Paranormal explain why they chose to investigate the "Squirrel Cage" jail.

Historical Society of Pottawttamie County, Iowa

Is Council Bluffs' "Squirrel Cage"  rotary jail haunted?

Members of the investigative group Nevermore Paranormal discuss the rotary cell jail with Historical Society staff and volunteers.

Members of Nevermore Paranormal tell their favorite findings from the  "Squirrel Cage" jail.

What do paranormal investigators typically find at the "Squirrel Cage" jail.

A building over 125 years old has a lot of dust. Investigators Angie and Jason explain how to avoid mistaking these particles for orbs.

Investigators tackle the question of how to determine if the sounds they hear are from outside or human activity elsewhere in the building.

A former staff member explains what convinces him there there is paranormal activity going on in the building.

Why doesn't everyone who visits detect paranormal activity?  Angie, Jason, and Nick of Nevermore Paranormal explain.

There are "residual" and "intellectual" types of hauntings.  Investigators say the old jail appears to have both types.

Nick, Angie, and Jason of Nevermore Paranormal explain why lack of video evidence of activity at the jail isn't particularly significant.

What kind of equipment is needed to conduct a paranormal investigation?

Not all of the ghosts that inhabit the "Squirrel Cage" jail are human.

What causes spirits to linger in a building and why they chose that location?