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Exploring and preserving the tales of real people and real life right here where we live.  Some good, some bad, and some very stange.

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The annual Historic Homes for the Holidays tour will be Sunday, December 2, from noon until 4 pm.

In addition to the Society's Bregant House at 517 Fourth Street four private homes will be included: Clinton House at 133 Bluff, Duquette House on Oakland Avenue, Martin Hughes House 9th Avenue and Third Street, and the home at 215 Turley.  All homes will be decorated for Christmas.

Admission for the tour is $15 per person; this will also entitle purchasers to tour the “Squirrel Cage Jail” Museum for the discounted price of $4.  The “Faces of Iowa State” Exhibit at the Harvester Lofts will also be a part of the tour.  Tickets can be purchased at the door of any of the homes on the tour.