Historical Society of

Pottawattamie County

County Seat Council Bluffs, Iowa

-- Women of the War: Council Bluffs' and Iowa's roles in enrolling and training WAC's and WAVES

-- The Truman Troopers: Recollections of the Korean War from a Historical Society member

-- 40 Years Ago the Pepsi Challenge Came to Midlands Mall

-- The End of the Fairmount Park Bear

-- In the 1890s Council Bluffs' Growth Through to Rival That of Chicago

-- "As it Was" photos: Lanes Cafe on East Broadway, Hanusa Hardware at First and Broadway, Northeast corner of 8th Street and West Broadway, Douglas Street Bridge in 1888, 1969 Labor Day parade in the 100 block of West Broadway, and East Broadway at Oak Street in the mid 1960.

-- Fairmount Park's Birth: Eight Fawns and a Baby Elk Added to Fairmount Park Zoo

-- Langdon and Hardy- History of Council Bluffs' film star Harry Langdon, the rumor he was to replace Oliver Hardy, and his misadventures that led to his time in the "Squirrel Cage" jail

-- As It Was photos: Mandarin Tourist Village at 3303 West Broadway, early St. Bernard's Hostpital showing the Geise mansion and a later 1980s photo, Olmsted grocery building on East Broadway, Illinois Central picketers during 1964 railroad strike.

-- Council Bluffs' last streetcar run

-- Photos contributed by a member of Korean War

-- "Squirrel Cage" jail's days as a Haunted House

-- Fairmount Park, a history

Warner Family Dentistry

Dr. Richard Warner

Kelli Miller


Spiritual Life Coach

-- A Cowboy's Attire

-- Intercity Bus Service to Council Bluffs

-- Rotary Cell jail of Pueblo Country, Colorado

-- As It Was Photos: Northwest corner of West Broadway and North 7th Street in 1954, C&NW steam locomotive from about 1920, CB&Q diesel locomotive from late 1930s, Dairy Queen at West Broadway and North 17th Street 500 block of West Broadway in 1952, Council Bluffs last streetcar backing into the car barn in 1948.

-- Higher education in Council Bluffs:

     Kanesville Academy

     Puryear Commercial School

     Council Bluffs Community College

     Council Bluffs Medical College

     WPA School for Maids

     Western Iowa College, Boyles Business College

-- Crystal Pool

-- Relics and Rust

-- Lake Manawa brochure "Relocating the Glory:

-- Photos: Bayliss Park reconstruction 2006, Pet Parade 1951, Missouri River Bridge 1888, St. Francis Academy 1948

-- Pursuing Paranormal, The Scientific Way

-- The Bregants and Their Unique Home Topic of November Program

-- Halloween at the "Squirrel Cage"

-- Forty Years Ago Fire Claimed "Old AL"

-- Reader comments: Swimming at the old YMCA and Gilbert's Pond at Big Lake Park

-- Railroad Days Brings 2500 Visitors to RailsWest Museum

-- Thanks to Pauline "Cut-Off" Lake Became "Manawa"

-- What Does "Manawa" Mean?

-- As it Was Photos: TJHS girls voleyball 1941, 200 Block of West Broadway 1930s, Iowana School (also known as Berrett and Lake Central), Pearl and Main Streets early 1900s

-- Smallest Couple in the World Built "Doll House" in Council Bluffs

-- Historic Homes for the Holidays Tour

-- Post Office/Federal Building a Decade in the Making

-- The Murders of Elizabeth Dean

-- Diminutive Stature Didn't Deter Bregants of Prominent Place in Local Society

-- HSPC Marks 55th Anniversary with Tribute to Founding Member Richard Graeme

-- Abraham Lincoln's Speech Started Editorial Furor

-- As it Was Photos: South 24th Street I-29/I-80 interchange under construction, city auditorium, Illinois Central Railroad yards 1940s, Eli Shugart home on 6th Street.